Joe Mumbach
Fr. Ted Dorcey
Mary Ramirez
Gabriella Mackin
e-mail for the above is: holyghostadultformation@yahoo.com
telephone for all the above is: 713-668-0463
Holy Ghost Catholic Church
6921 Chetwood Drive    Houston, Texas   77081

Are you ...

  • Considering becoming Catholic?
  • An Adult (over 17) Catholic who missed being Confirmed?
  • Baptized Catholic and want to receive the Sacraments of Eucharist and/or Confirmation?
Join us for RCIA and/or Adult Formation!
     Each year men and women embark on an exploration of the Catholic faith. Some are deciding if they are called into the Catholic Church; some want to understand more about God, Jesus and the Church. Others are baptized in the Catholic Church but for a variety of circumstances did not receive the other Sacraments, especially Confirmation. It is not unusual for Catholics to reach adulthood without receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.
     Together we witness to the fact that our search for God is a lifelong journey. A journey on which we make the most progress when we walk it with others and with intention.

We meet for English RCIA beginning Tuesday, September 10, 2013. To sign up call the Parish Office at 713-668-0463 or email at holyghostadultformation@yahoo.com.


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